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Hanna Uggla, Artist

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  • Paintings

    I like to paint with oil colours because the structure and feeling of the painting is thick and enables the painting to have many layers. When a photograph gives a picture two dimensions a painting can have many different perspectives on one issue. A tray can fly in the sky and the colours can change depending on the feelings expressed. I have worked with many different themes and materials over the years but the colours and the oil paint are still the core of my art.

  • Aquarelles

    Painting with aquaria is completely different from oil painting. The running water and colours making formations by chance is a fascinating process where the painting starts to lead once imagination. The playfulness and the chance are thrilling.

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  • Hanna Uggla

    Hanna Uggla is a visual artist who lives and work in Helsinki. She exhibits frequently and works with large oil paintings and aquarelles.
    "I mainly paint expressive coloristic and large oil paintings where the paint is thick with many layers. I like to express myself with colours but sometimes I feel like painting only black and white with Ink or aquarell. The inspiration for my artwork comes from my own experience. Themes are rising from the subconscious and sometimes the inspiration comes from the nature, musik, a poem or from meeting with different people. The painting process itself also inspires me and I never end up where I planned. I get into the painting and the work starts to flow. I studied in the Art school Maa in Suomenlinna and I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland. I am a member of Artist´s Association in Finland and Helsinki Artist´s Association. My latest Awards 2021, Grönqvistska Stiftelsen, Svenska kulturfonden

Exhibitions, Shows & Custom Orders

Thank you for visiting my web site. On this site I collect my works from my exhibitions and my shows. My goal is to have an exhibition every few years and If you are interested in receiving an invitation for my exhibitions in the future, please drop me a line at
If you are interested in purchasing my works I normally have some for sale at Taiko. I also paint custom orders in various formats and themes and have lately made a few portraits and paintings of animals of all sorts, you are welcome to see some samples in my Paintings Gallery under the header Animal Portraits.